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Evermore Solutions has always offered branding and identity packages, but now more than ever is it so important to utilize a brand kit. As new technology releases, and content creation becomes easier and easier, it can be difficult to keep your messaging and brand assets in sync across all platforms.

Your logo is the face of your company. 

A logo is your chance to create a lasting impression on your customer.  I have created a business solution that streamlines the process of logo creation using 3 steps; First,  I will send a list of questions used to understand your audience and target market. Second, creating 2-3 different styled examples. Last, I will review feedback from the designed logos and make changes accordingly finalizing fonts, colors and other details. I have found this process ensures you end up with a logo that not only resonates with your audience, but that you are happy and excited about as a business owner. 


Your brand is who you are, and your identity tells the story of who you are.

It is important for your brand to really show what your core values are, and you must have cohesiveness throughout all of your marketing.  You want to be able to identify your business values through the images and content that you produce. My process for creating marketing campaigns is to of review all of your content as a whole and make sure that you have elements that are in-line with the values and design of the business, also to make sure that the content you are producing is memorable and clear.  Whether I am designing a logo, creating an entire campaign, or just a couple of ads, I use this solution for each piece to make sure that your identity is telling the right story.


I have been surprised at the number of businesses that I’ve come across that do not have business cards. With the advances of technology, many businesses forget about investing in print. Having worked in the print industry for several years, I see the importance of traditional print media like business cards and mailings. Being able to physically put something in the hands of your customers is unparalleled to the return on investment in any web-based medium. 


If you’re not on the internet, you’re probably not being seen. 

There are so many online resources today. Most of the population has some kind of portable technology. When you are looking for a new place to eat where do you go? When you’re looking for any kind of services or products where do you go? That’s where your customers are going too.  They are on Google, and on Social Media and travel apps like TripAdvisor. I have created business solutions to help get you online in the places your customers are going.


If you have a retail space, your building says it all to your customers! What do you want to say about your business when your customers are walking or driving by? You only have a few seconds before your potential customers decide to enter your building. Make them count!